Technology that generates significant productivity and cost savings to the lender

Enrolling as a Top Lender with Most Favorable Pricing

KeyStone makes its technology platform available to large resellers who wish to white-label the platform as their own including color scheme, logo, and verbiage, including any unique customizations that may differentiate the platform to the advantage of the reseller

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Growing My Reseller Business Using KeyStone

BPO, also known as business process outsourcing organizations, often provide the labor to order ancillary products (e.g., 4506-T, VOE, SSA-89) and they may choose at their discretion to either enroll their reseller with KeyStone or they may enroll with one of our resellers that provide better pricing for those products

White Labeling KeyStoneB2B for a Lender

The largest lenders frequently prefer to act as their own reseller, and can therefore integrate with KeyStone directly with their vendors, or they may wish to shop and compare their pricing to that of our most competitive resellers to determine the better deal. To date we have not seen a top ten lender negotiate a better deal for products (e.g., 4506-T, VOE, SSA-89) than that our top resellers

Product Reseller in KeyStone

Resellers may register as an approved reseller within KeyStone for lenders, and BPO providers, as well as other resellers, to buy product from.

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Self-employed Reseller in KeyStone

Lenders may register as a customer within KeyStone to locate the best provider for each product they need.

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BPO Provider Using KeyStone

BPO providers may register apply to locate the best provider for each product they need.

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Technology that generates significant productivity and cost savings to the lender.

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November 29, 2017

Mount Laurel, N.J. Nov. 27, 2017 – KeyStoneB2B, the fintech solution that delivers competitive advantages for financial services leaders, today announces a new set of verification products using industry leading providers of mortgage risk assessment and fraud prevention systems. KeyStoneB2B will simplify complex mortgage risk issues through unique fraud and data integrity analytics. “The verification solutions automate data validation steps in the lending process, increasing efficiencies, performance, and controls, while reducing approval and processing timeframes,” said James V. Luisi, chief information officer and chief technology officer for KeyStoneB2B. “With the new verification functions, the mortgage lenders integrated in KeyStoneB2B get... View Article

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