KeyStone Story
KeyStone Story

KeyStone began with an industry expert in IT architecture, James V Luisi, author of ‘Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture’

Observing a general lack of available technology that was required, the executive management team of the investment and management company commissioned Jim to identify the ideal foundation for a competitive communication and services platform for the lending industry. Thus KeyStone was born, setting in motion a multi-faceted company that quickly established a reputation for being a compelling partner to any mortgage lender interested in accelerating the loan process to reduce fallout, improving productivity of personnel, and significantly reducing costs paid for ancillary products.

Prior to starting the search, Jim formulated a comprehensive list of architectural features that would be present in the ideal solution, such that it would be demonstrably more productive than competing technologies in the market.

While conducting the exhaustive review of technologies, he found that each technology possessed none of the desired architectural features, leaving only a build decision. However, one last surprise entrant was evaluated, and was found to have 70% of its architecture and design to possess the appropriate features.

Upon its successful negotiation, this technology foundation was used to develop a rapid sequence of products and services for a major ancillary product reseller that successfully replaced the industry’s incumbent in record time. Using KeyStone's enhanced designs in cooperation with forward thinking ancillary product providers, this first lender is now enjoying the productivity enhancements and cost reductions needed to further increase their share of the lending business. This immediate success has afforded KeyStone significant impetus to providing similar success to other lenders in the field.

Governance and Compliance

The company is rapidly expanding with personnel needs in the areas of sales support, training, project coordination, and customer service.

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Current Management
James Luisi — CIO/CTO

The executive management team of KeyStone exists at two levels: the executive management team of the owning investment and management company, comprised of senior industry experts of the mortgage industry; and the technology team of KeyStone, comprised of senior industry experts in leading edge IT technology

Governance and Compliance
Governance and Compliance

The company and its affiliates are committed to providing the highest quality products and services through the integrity and ethical practices of its employees and business partners.

Any employee, customer, investor, or other interested party aware of or with reason to believe a violation of practices exists involving the Company's services, financial accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, or suspects the existence of fraud or unethical behavior, should notify KeyStone and or its affiliates. There are, in addition, procedures established by KeyStone’s Audit Committee, Non-Management Directors and Board of Directors, under which certain communications may be directed to them.

12/03/2015 4506-T development began and was completed in 90 days with a variety of innovations
01/05/2016 Title order requirements gathering began and completed late summer with features like those that save lenders the CD fees
01/11/2016 Flood integration requirements began and completed in 90 days with advanced features the following month
12/09/2016 Appraisal development began and was completed in the Spring with loan accelerators added a few months after
12/09/2016 Credit cards and ACH payment requirements gathering began and was delivered in advance of Appraisal
05/10/2017 SSA-89 and VOE were added including productivity and compliance innovations
05/15/2017 Credit-lite began development to provide lenders with significant revenue saving options