Growing Your Reseller Business Using KeystoneB2B

Resellers have to work hard to land new customers, and also to get existing customers to send a greater portion of their orders to the reseller.

Sometimes they can achieve success by displacing a particularly expensive provider, often within a smaller lender that would find it difficult to consistently generate a level of volume that could command particularly favorable pricing. Other times the reseller may have to wine and dine the business prospect to build a relationship.

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Resellers armed with Keystone have a wide-array of new options for growing their business available to them.

  • Resellers can offer their lenders a new consolidated platform for ordering a full complement of products
  • For products the reseller does not have reseller relationships for, the reseller can elect to tap into our largest resellers and then represent those products as their own
  • For products the reseller already offered and for new products, the reseller will receive more favorable wholesale pricing regardless of volume
  • The reseller’s customers will enjoy
    • Logging into one portal to meet all their product needs
    • Improved productivity using less staff to perform more work
    • Prefilling data for new orders involving the same loan
    • Accelerated timelines for critical products like appraisal to close loans faster
    • Easy exception processing
    • Consolidated reporting
    • Automated compliance with early warning of document expiration
  • Resellers can get a White Labeled version of Keystone to represent their business as their own

Resellers can then use these differentiators to more readily:

  • Expand the number of customers in their existing territory, and also expand into new geographic regions
  • Increase profit margins while simultaneously providing better pricing to lenders

For example, a reseller may already be buying flood determinations at $9 and selling them at $12. By arming themselves with Keystone the reseller can now buy flood determinations for $6, and add a variety of new products to their offering, such as AVM, CD collaboration, VOE, 4506-T, advanced versions of title, appraisal, and credit, and more.