White Labeling KeystoneB2B for Lenders

Lenders typically have multiple channels that have typically operated separately, such as the retail, wholesale, and call center channels, all potentially operating from a different set of portals, system integrations, and providers.

Regardless of whether the lender desires to route orders to the same providers currently being used by each channel, or consolidate providers across all business channels, white labeling KeystoneB2B results in total flexibility and control that is placed in the hands of the lender’s executives.

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White labeling KeystoneB2B for a lender allows each and every channel to:

  • Rapidly on-board all of their current providers for all of their ancillary product needs
  • Consolidate providers to those managed by corporate vendor management
  • Leverage top ranked providers already on-boarded for title order, title close, borrower and seller closing disclosures, residential and commercial appraisals, credit reports, flood determinations, AVM, BPO, 4506-T, VOE, SSA-89, mortgage insurance, and HOI.

The benefits are the same for both:

  • Advanced capabilities
    • Single logon for users to order all products providing a consistent user experience
    • Transaction accelerators shortening the time between application processing and loan closing
  • Additional lender capabilities
    • Lender controlled user administration
    • Lender controlled vendor selection
    • Built-in messaging between lender and providers
  • Consolidated reporting
    • Canned reports across all lines of business and providers
    • Management dashboards across all lines of business and providers
  • Improved terms and conditions
    • No fees for errors and reorders
    • Automatic provider compliance checking
  • Advanced technology
    • Rapid vendor on-boarding including self-service
    • World-class reliability and disaster recovery capabilities
    • Advanced security features
  • Improving productivity
    • Fewer people can perform more work
    • Fewer errors by automatically filling as many fields as possible from prior orders
  • Improving the bottom line
    • No charges for custom reports
    • Detection of duplicate orders to avoid double charges
    • Lower transaction fees for all products

Whether it is free custom reports and dashboards, new detection of duplicates orders, or lower transaction fees, the focus of KeyStoneB2B is to improve the bottom line of lenders.