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May 26, 2017 Published by —

KeyStoneB2B supports financial services providers by empowering access and easy integration with lenders through advanced lending process automation.For each lender that’s part of our network, dozens of service providers will integrate KeyStoneB2B’s technology. Each lender typically has dozens of real estate financing specialists, title providers and appraisal management company (AMC) providers, as well as a minimum of two of each type of provider for products such as credit, VOE, VOI, VOD, SSA-89, flood determination, AVM, and REO services to support lending operations across their various channels.

Onboarding many financial services providers simultaneously requires a great deal of coordination between providers and the lender. KeyStoneB2B supports providers through intuitive self-service onboarding, with automation to meet their every need in the mortgage servicing, real estate financing and other processes.

Simple Self-Service System Integration

KeyStoneB2B also offers lenders focused on mortgage banking, real estate financing and other financial services specialties with efficient self-service onboarding that’s automated and simple to use. Of the approximately 6,000 lenders in the U.S. marketplace, the top one hundred lending institutions are offered KeyStoneB2B’s white glove service to assist with the lender’s integration process, as well as the onboarding of their top resellers and providers.

Optimizing Operational Workflow

Another KeyStoneB2B benefit is analysis of the operational workflow for process improvement. From ordering a multitude of financial services products to reviewing the exception process for the various occurrences that can go wrong, KeyStoneB2B identifies opportunities to optimize processes for lenders.  The major benefit, however, is for the mortgage servicing and bank provider, as it creates a differentiator for providers that join KeyStoneB2B’s network over their competitors.

Improvements from KeyStoneB2B’s lending process automation may be grouped into the following categories:

  • Lender capabilities, which are built into the platform, and make it possible for fewer people to perform more work with fewer errors
  • Data quality enhancements, which are also built into the platform to reduce keystrokes by automatically filling as many fields as possible from prior orders
  • Cost reallocations, which allow providers the opportunity to defer some of the small costs away from lenders
  • Lower transaction fees, which help providers of mortgage servicing and real estate financing to be more competitive on price back to the reseller and lender
  • Transaction accelerators, which significantly reduce the time required to process orders, thereby shortening the time between application processing, loan origination and loan closing
  • Onboarding accelerators, which shorten the time to onboard financial services providers and lenders
  • Improved contractual terms and conditions, which make providers more attractive to lenders by offering improved service levels, including no-cost error handling
  • Metrics, which offer lenders additional insight into operational performance with additional ways to sequence and time their orders
  • Provider promotions, which involve KeyStoneB2B promoting the vendors that collaborate to provide better value to lenders

In an industry where financial services providers struggle to identify differentiators to market themselves, KeyStoneB2B works with providers and lenders to offer an outstanding value for both groups that is unparalleled in the industry.

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