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June 27, 2017 Published by —

KeyStoneB2B Announces New Optimization Tools to Support Mortgage Lenders with Managing Costs and Processing Fees

Fintech solution streamlines order management and communications with financial services providers

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., June 27, 2017 – KeyStoneB2B, the fintech solution that delivers competitive advantages for financial services leaders, today announced new optimization tools for mortgage lenders to manage transactions with financial services providers and borrowers. The just-released technology is a modern order management platform that supports lenders in interfacing with a multitude of financial services providers – from appraisal management companies and title providers to employment verification, flood determination and more. KeystoneB2B’s technology automates the entire lending process for banks and mortgage lenders, including simple orders to the most advanced assembly-line, event driven transactions.

“The innovations we’re introducing allow fewer people to do more work, and in a manner that is more compliant,” said James V. Luisi, chief information officer and chief technology officer for KeyStoneB2B.
“Today, banks, credit unions and lenders must interface with dozens of financial services providers throughout the mortgage process. We identify opportunities to streamline the entire workflow for lenders, such as ordering a mountain of financial services products and reviewing the exception process for the various occurrences that can go wrong. Even a few dollars of savings from each transaction can translate into hundreds of thousands when you consider the vast number of mortgages for major lenders.”

KeyStoneB2B’s new technology allows bank team members to sign-on and order any products from a variety of financial services providers. Once information has been captured for a particular loan, subsequent product orders automatically prefill the forms for the user. Duplicate orders are identified to help lending institutions to contain cost. Banks, credit unions, lenders and financial institutions reduce processing fees and gain greater productivity.

Improvements from KeyStoneB2B’s lending process automation can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Lender capabilities, which are built into the platform, and make it possible for fewer people to perform more work with fewer errors
  • Lower transaction fees, which help providers of mortgage servicing and real estate financing to be more competitive on price back to the reseller and lender
  • Transaction accelerators, which significantly reduce the time required to process orders, thereby shortening the time between application processing, loan origination and loan closing
  • Metrics, which offer lenders additional insight into operational performance with additional ways to sequence and time their orders
  • “KeyStoneB2B’s lending process automation eliminates an enormous amount of manual and redundant activities for financial services organizations,” said Morell Maison, sales, marketing and digital strategist for KeyStoneB2B. “We offer compliance checking and invoice reconciliation for lenders, calculating each provider’s monthly invoice in advance, including complete management of the dispute process. Plus, communications with a lender’s financial services providers are conducted through KeyStoneB2B’s technology, not through a flurry of emails that cannot be associated with the order – dramatically streamlining the process for all parties.”

    The KeyStoneB2B technology serves as a communications, command, and control platform for lenders to optimize their ancillary product needs. The lending process automation simplifies the mortgage banking process for appraisal, credit, title, verification of employment (VOE), income (VOI) and deposit (VOD), SSA-89, flood determination, automated valuation model (AVM), real estate financing and REO products.

    To schedule a demo of the KeyStoneB2B fintech solution, email or call 561.614.5935.