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Transfer Tax Processing, Escrow Tax Reporting, Delinquency Reporting, Tax Payments, And Tax Redemption

There are few reputable providers of tax products, particularly of those that can support a major servicing operation.

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KeyStone roots out integrates with the most effective providers of these services that possess the expertise to support these services nation-wide across the various multi-layered taxing jurisdictions.
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4506-T Products

The providers of these products offer an extensive advanced feature set that was designed by KeyStone to improve the lender experience, and which also enhance lender profitability as well as improve compliance and auditability.

While the reseller owns the direct vendor relationship with the 4506-T provider, KeyStone provides an unquestionably superior selection of options and facilitates a low cost service to track orders and fulfillments, including provider scorecards, consolidated reporting and invoice reconciliation for the lender.

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Payment Solutions

There are a set of stakeholders that either are brokers paying for ancillary products themselves, or are borrowers that, in accordance with a lender’s operational rules – must have application or appraisal fees collected, who require fund collection as opposed to monthly invoicing of a bill-to-party.

KeyStone’s payment solutions allow for both, synchronous and asynchronous approaches – all with full reporting and comprehensive dispute management services.

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