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Transfer Tax Processing, Escrow Tax Reporting, Delinquency Reporting, Tax Payments, And Tax Redemption

There are few reputable providers of tax products, particularly of those that can support a major servicing operation.

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KeyStone roots out integrates with the most effective providers of these services that possess the expertise to support these services nation-wide across the various multi-layered taxing jurisdictions.
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Insurance Products

While the borrower and lender owns the direct broker relationship with insurance providers, KeyStone works to operate and with providers that specialize in rapidly researching reputable insurance carriers and their costs for the requested coverage within a given state.

Ultimately, this allows the customer the crucial opportunity to make an informed decision.

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Title providers frequently pursue lenders to acquire a portion of their lucrative title business, usually without regard to coverage of states, comprehensive services, and metrics on quality and promptness.

When a title provider is approved for integration with KeyStone it is vetted according to the accumulated rules and guidelines of our lenders, and requires a complete line of nationwide Title and Closing services that is customizable and fully transparent, assuring compliance with the most recent industry requirements, including upcoming requirements that will be in effect in the near-term.

As a result, our title vendors guarantee an accelerated contract to close period, reduced costs, sellable loan packages to GSEs and others, and top tier vendor scorecards from providers supporting top ten lenders.

While the lender must have a direct vendor relationship with the title provider, KeyStone facilitates a low cost service to track orders and fulfillments, including provider scorecards, consolidated reporting and invoice reconciliation for the lender.