KeyStone Products
KeyStone is a modern order management platform that supports lender needs across the board: ranging from simple order to the most advanced assembly-line event-driven orders, featuring an architecture that reduces customization costs, while also accelerating timelines, standing in stark contrast to the old, less efficient market incumbents we all know.

4506-T Products

1040, 1040 plus wages, W-2, 1065, 1120, 1120S (i.e., 1, 2, 3, or 4 years)

The top originators of 4506-T products have collaborated with KeyStone to produce a capability set that maximizes lender profitability using a variety of enhancements that are not offered through any competing integrator, particularly making the exception handling process involved in vendor and IRS rejections easier to address.

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Residential appraisals, and commercial valuations

Whether the lender channel prefers to manage their own panel of appraisal companies, or have the AMC manage the panel, KeyStone supports any combination of panel management.

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Automated valuation models (AVM), appraiser assisted valuations (AAV), and broker price opinions (BPO)

KeyStone integrates with the leading AVM/AAV/BPO providers, offering an AVM suite that includes: Pass, Pass Prospector, VP4, GeoAVM, IVAL, VeroValue, HVE, and HVC.

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Credit reports

Tri-merge credit reports, credit repair, credit rating projections, business credit reports, mortgage rating reports, and MERS

Of the few major credit bureaus, KeyStone integrates with only the most reputable and reliable providers.

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Flood Zone Determinations

Life of loan flood insurance, flood determination assessments

Of few major originators of the nation’s leading flood determination providers, KeyStone has full integrations with the leading providers including flood determination dispute processing capabilities, accelerating the flood determination process to the fastest possible.

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Insurance Products

Home Owners’ Insurance (HOI), Mortgage Insurance (MI), Life Products

KeyStone integrates with insurance brokers that provide home owner insurance to borrowers, mortgage insurance to lenders, as well as additional insurance products that meet the needs of customers.

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Payment Solutions

Credit card (CC), and ACH payments

KeyStone provides a flexible framework that supports a fully compliant payment solution allowing any number of credit cards or checking accounts for a transaction, including a registered payment method for ongoing purchases of services within a broker or lender channel.

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REO Services

Moving Services, Locksmith Services, Relocation Services (Relo), Foreclosure (Loko), And Loss Mitigation

KeyStone offers integrations with reputable providers of these services throughout the various counties nation-wide to readily address the multifaceted local needs of our resellers, lenders and other REO stakeholders.

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Tax Products

Transfer Tax Processing, Escrow Tax Reporting, Delinquency Reporting, Tax Payments, And Tax Redemption

There are few reputable providers of tax products, particularly of those that can support a major servicing operation.

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Title order, title close, borrower and seller closing disclosure

Many title providers are integrated with KeyStone solely at the request of the lender, who vets and manages the title provider relationship.

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