Payment Solutions

Credit card (CC), and ACH payments

KeyStone provides a flexible framework that supports a fully compliant payment solution allowing any number of credit cards or checking accounts for a transaction, including a registered payment method for ongoing purchases of services within a broker or lender channel.

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There are a set of stakeholders that either are brokers paying for ancillary products themselves, or are borrowers that, in accordance with a lender’s operational rules – must have application or appraisal fees collected, who require fund collection as opposed to monthly invoicing of a bill-to-party.

KeyStone’s payment solutions allow for both, synchronous and asynchronous approaches – all with full reporting and comprehensive dispute management services.
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Similar to our other types of providers, Keystone conducts due diligence on appraisal management companies (AMCs) based upon the accumulated rules and guidelines of our lenders. Keystone purposefully looks out for AMCs that are managed by experienced appraisers, comprising their pool of transaction managers, as well as lender relationship managers, who use historical data to rank and assign work to the most competent appraiser for the geographical area and property type.

To qualify as a certified AMC, KeyStone additionally requires dedicated teams of key management, compliance, and legal professionals that stay abreast of all compliance and regulatory guidelines, tracking the legislation pipeline in each jurisdiction and implementing regulatory or GSE requirements safely ahead of deadlines.

While the lender must have a direct vendor relationship with the AMC, KeyStone facilitates a low cost service to track orders and fulfillments, including provider scorecards, consolidated reporting and invoice reconciliation for the lender.

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Verification Products

These include verbal verification of employment (VVOE), written verification of employment (WVOE), electronic verification of employment (eVOE), re-verification of employment (re-VOE), verification of assets (VOA), verification of deposit (VOD), verification of mortgage (VOM), verification of rental (VOR), and verification of social security number (SSA-89).

The approved providers of these products also offer an advanced feature set that was purposefully designed by KeyStone to improve the lender experience, improve compliance and the ability to audit, and which vitally enhance lender profitability as well.

While the reseller owns the direct vendor relationship with verification providers, KeyStone provides an outstanding selection of options and facilitates a low cost service to track orders and fulfillments, including provider scorecards, consolidated reporting and invoice reconciliation for the lender.

The key to vendors in this space is integrity. While some of the largest known providers willingly charge exorbitant fees for successive failed retries of employment verification, KeyStone will not certify providers that participate in abusive business practices within its network for use by resellers and lenders that rely upon KeyStone to participate and assist in vendor due diligence and vendor score carding. This feeds back into the core mission objective of KeyStone to work not just for those utilising its system, but advance the industry at large away from negative, costly, and inefficient practises.

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