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Insurance Products

Home Owners’ Insurance (HOI), Mortgage Insurance (MI), Life Products

KeyStone integrates with insurance brokers that provide home owner insurance to borrowers, mortgage insurance to lenders, as well as additional insurance products that meet the needs of customers.

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While the borrower and lender owns the direct broker relationship with insurance providers, KeyStone works to operate and with providers that specialize in rapidly researching reputable insurance carriers and their costs for the requested coverage within a given state.

Ultimately, this allows the customer the crucial opportunity to make an informed decision.
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Tax Products

KeyStone roots out integrates with the most effective providers of these services that possess the expertise to support these services nation-wide across the various multi-layered taxing jurisdictions.

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Credit Reports

On top of this, KeyStone also offers ancillary services that are synergistic with credit related data that either confirms or refutes the accuracy of these other products; an example being a few years of tax returns for a taxpayer that have no credit history prior to those tax years.

KeyStone maintains state-of-the-art security to ensure that information transferred from our credit product providers to lenders is fully insulated from destabilising hacks or wanton breaches of security, while also maintaining the appropriate certifications for both information technology (IT) and business operations (OPS).

While the lender must have a direct vendor relationship with the credit report provider, KeyStone facilitates a low cost service to track orders and fulfillments, including provider scorecards, consolidated reporting and invoice reconciliation for the lender.